HRC Transmitter Set - 2.4gHz - 3 Channels

HRC Transmitter Set - 2.4gHz - 3 Channels
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The HRC RACING R4D10 transmitter features all the important functions needed by serious RC drivers and racers, easily editable via a large LCD display and user-friendly menu system:

10 models memory with editable name Large battery compartement for high capacity and longer runtime
Servo End Point Adjustement (EPA)
Dual Rate (D/R)

The splash-proof receiver R3C31V3R included in the set also has an integrated fail-safe function

Channels: 3 channels
Model type: car / boat
RF power: max 10mW
Modulation: GFSK
System type: AFHDS
Sensitivity: 1024
Low Voltage: warning < 9.5V
DSC port: 3.5mm
Charger port: yes
Power: 12VDC (8* 1.5V)
Weight: 395g
Ant. lenght: 26mm
Size: 154*127*270mm
Color: black
Certificate: CE (0678) FCC

Kräver 8 st AA batterier

Vårt artikelnummer : 2076-002

Produktens nummer :
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